Selamat Datang Di RS H.L. Manambai Abdulkadir

Selamat Datang Di RS H.L. Manambai Abdulkadir

Selamat datang di Web RS H.L. Manambai Abdulkadir. Web ini berisi informasi terkini seputar RS H.L. Manambai Abdulkadir dan berbagai tips dan artikel menarik lainnya seputar kesehatan. Dikelola oleh HUMAS RS H.L. Manambai Abdulkadir. Terima Kasih Atas Kunjungannya

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No matter how exciting or significant a person's life is, a poorly written biography will make it seem like a snore. On the other hand, a good biographer can draw insight from an ordinary life-because they recognize that even the most exciting life is an ordinary life! After all, a biography isn't supposed to be a collection of facts assembled in chronological order; it's the biographer's interpretation of how that life was different and important.

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